Time Travel Tips: December 16th-December 22nd

By December 18, 2018Time Travel Tips

TIP: If you are out and about on December 17th in 1843, stop at a bookstore. Charles Dickens just published A Christmas Carol and it’s all the rage. He will continue to tinker with it for the rest of his days.

TIP: If you are in space on December the 19th in 1958, listen up! President Eisenhower just got on the phone and has left the first message in space. It’s short and worth a listen

TIP: If you are hanging out in 1620 on December 21st, watch the water. The Mayflower should be sailing into Plymouth any time now.

TIP: If you are born on the 16th of December, you are in fine company. Jane Austen, Ludwig van Beethoven, Philip K. Dick, and Arthur C. Clarke are on the short list. 

Travel In Peace (TIP)