Time Travel Tips: 12/2-12/8

By December 4, 2018Time Travel Tips

Some big stuff happened this week in history. If you have an inclination to travel back in time, take these 5 tips with you:

TIP: If you are in France on December 2nd in 1804 make sure to check in at Notre Dame de Paris. Napoleon just snatched the crown from the hands of Pope Pius VII and crowned himself emperor.

TIP: Speaking of innovation, if you are hanging around in Europe on December 3rd in 1621, make sure to sneak a peek through the tube. Galileo Galilei just invented the telescope and things look a lot different now.

TIP: Fraunces Tavern in New York is the throwing quite the going-away shindig for George Washington. If you can make it to December 4th in 1783, be sure to pop in. There will be wine, tears, and dancing men.

TIP: Detectives get going to 1791. You have to be there by December 5th. An investigation is afoot. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has just died at 35 and the cause is unknown.

TIP: 1921 fans should visit Ireland on December 6th. The Irish Free State has just gained independence from Britain and it’s a really big deal.