Watson Proxy Sidekick Services: The Goose | Creative Services Retainer Package

I’ll be your Wingman 

Nothing can quite prepare you for the loss of Goose, it takes your breath away. The Goose is designed to honor Maverick’s Sidekick and their undeniable, never ending love. Be the Maverick to your very own Goose, fly high with 20 hours of creative service custom to suit you and your business. If you want to go full-throttle, if you feel the need for speed, make sure The Goose is at your side.

This Watson Proxy Pack is a retainer package. It includes the following:

  • 20 Hours billed at $25.00: (Web | Print | Copy | Brainstorm)
  • Consultation
  • Sidekick Dispatch: A monthly report detailing the work provided.
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Design
  • and all the pickins

Notes of Import:

    • Retainer Packages require a 3 month minimum commitment at which point, we review your needs and options to adjust as you see fit.
    • Watson Proxy bills clients on a monthly basis.
    • A deposit of the first month’s fee is required upon initiation.
    • Watson Proxy Sidekick Services offers a discounted rate on design, copy writing, and administrative services.
    • Standard hourly Rates:
    • Copy/Content Production: $55.00
    • Web Design/Development: $60.00
    • Virtual Administrative Assistance: $45.00
    • The Brainstorm (Brand Development/Idea Generation/Consultation): $55.00