What’s with the Birds?

Have you ever seen a starling in a top hat or an owl wearing glasses? I mean, how cool would that be? Am I right?

Where do you find your images?

Well good question, smart question, that’s a you-are-on-your-toes kind of question. The Watson Proxy Design Squad scours the pages of the forgotten relics of our past, aka books. If you haven’t spent tireless hours digging through public domain archives and scanning old periodicals, you’re really missing out. Until then, we have you covered.

Where does the content come from?

Us. Always from us. The Watson Proxy Copy Team is a meticulous bunch with a keen control complex. We are dedicated to authenticity. It is the cornerstone of who we are and how we came to be.

How do I print these pictures?

There are two options.
1. Do it yourself (DIY)
Upon receipt of your custom-designed item, you will receive detailed instructions to send to the printer of your choice.
2. Leave it to us. The Watson Proxy Distribution Team can handle almost anything you throw at them. They will print and send your communication to your mailing list in a timely fashion. Additional print and postage costs do apply. Check out the shop for more details.

How does customization work?

Pretty darn well if you ask the Watson Proxy QA regiment. Customization starts with you. It is imperative that your message is undoubtedly your own.

1st Base: Upon selection of your item, you will be instructed to complete a customization form and choose from a variety of designs. You will have the option to add a photo, logo, or custom content at this time as well.

2nd Base: The Watson Proxy Design Squad and the Copy Team will take it from here, send it to QA and TADA, it’s ready for you!

3rd Base: We will send you your finished product made ready for all of the world to see.

How long does it take?

Turn around time varies per product. Please see the item description for specifics. With that being said however, we will be in touch within the first 24 hour business day. Most products take 1-3 business days to complete upon receipt of your customization details.

Please send inquires to watsonproxyco@gmail.com.