What do you do?
Watson Proxy specializes in design and copy for Realtors, Artists, and Small Business Buckaroos.

Who is this for?
If a one-on-one relationship with a sidekick devoted to the success of your business is on your wish list, well then darling, this is for you!

Who are you?
Watson Proxy is the brainchild of Noelle Labrousse, a retired-Realtor, creative sidekick, and Underdog Advocate with an unwavering faith in the provision of quality service, grand ideas, and the golden rule. With a background in marketing, design, and banking, Labrousse and her freelancing friends deliver a diverse suite of services for her business pals in and around the Portland Metro area.

Reach out and carry on: watsonproxyco@gmail.com

What makes you different?
The age-old question is ripe with significance. Aside from the severe lack of “hip” around these parts and the stacks of books where the team ping pong table should be, Watson Proxy might just look like another start-up. It’s definitely not. Here’s why:

Longevity & Experience
Watson Proxy has been serving small businesses and real estate agents since 2005 (it used to be called LGA Creative)  We have evolved and adapted to each new change and will continue to do so.

Agents helping Agents
Content and strategies designed by an Agent for an Agent sets Watson Proxy apart. Real Estate looks easy, it’s not. Once you are knee deep in texts, pipelines, and inspections, marketing is quick to take the back seat. With Watson Proxy, your marketing is driving its own car.

Maybe it’s the banking background or perhaps it’s just a little kick of paranoia, either way, Watson Proxy is dedicated to personal relationships. The content you choose to create and deliver is exclusive to you. The key to your success is yours and yours alone.

What’s with the Birds?
Have you ever seen a starling in a top hat or an owl wearing glasses? I mean, how cool would that be? Am I right? I’m right.